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TJorven pattern in store now!

June 23, 2008

Tjorven dress is now ready to download for free, just click on the link on the right side of page. I finished the pdf-file yesterday, and sent it off to Ravelry in the evening. There are instructions for sizes 6 months, 1 and 2 years.


Knitting from the top

June 19, 2008

A new project started, and this time I’m trying out one of the many useful techniques from the book Knitting from the top by Barbara Walker. At this point, the project looks more like a washcloth than a cute, little baby jacket in garter stitch with colorful stripes. Who could guess that the red yarnbits mark increasing points for sleeves? Barbara recommends knitting with a circular needle, but that’s not feasible with corners as sharp as these. That’s why I use two cirular needles; one for the back and one for the two front pieces, and straight needles for what is going to be the sleeves. After increasing for a while, though, the corners get more rounded, and it’s possible to use a circular needle all the way without trouble.

Three finished projects

June 14, 2008

out onging at least. Not bad! It feels good to finally see some of them completed. I’m trying to keep from starting new ones now, I have to concentrate on finishing some. My head is already spinning with new ideas, I have this pillowcase I want to make, inspired from a picture in an interior magazine. And plenty of other stuff. But first I need to write down some of my own designs that I want to make available as free pdf-downloads.

This is the Tjorven dress completed, at last! The pleaded skirt took some time to knit, I must admit. A nice project to bring along on the beach, in the car… I think I knitted at least two thirds of it in the car. A free pdf-download will be made available on my blog once I sort out the technical aspects of it.

Yet another February babysweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann, this time it will be a present for a little newborn girl.

And finally the Honeypie sweater, my own design. It’s a cute little baby sweater suitable for both girls and boys, I should think. The pattern consists of cables, and the main gull pattern alludes to honeycombs, if you look closely. You can download it for free from, but you have to be a member. I intend make the pdf-file available from my blog as well, just need to sort out the technical side of it.

Should I start writing my blogposts in English?

June 12, 2008

is a question I’ve been asking myself, and I think I will answer it like this: Norwegian is a very small language. True, Danes and Swedes can read Norwegian, but that’s it. But they probably read English even better.. Why not make myself understandable to a wider group of people? So I’ve decided I’ll go for posting in the English language from now on. It will demand some more patience on my part, and bearing over with on the part of the scarce readers of my humble little blog – I’m sure I’ll make grammar and spelling mistakes in each and every post – but I will give it a serious try. So from now on: English.

And for those international readers who think of Norway as the land of polarbears and icebergs, let me enlighten you on this particular point: This picture was taken a couple of days ago; it’s my little son floating around in the fjord of Kragerø where the water holds at least 20 degree celsius. No, it’s not a direct consequence of global warming.