Should I start writing my blogposts in English?

June 12, 2008

is a question I’ve been asking myself, and I think I will answer it like this: Norwegian is a very small language. True, Danes and Swedes can read Norwegian, but that’s it. But they probably read English even better.. Why not make myself understandable to a wider group of people? So I’ve decided I’ll go for posting in the English language from now on. It will demand some more patience on my part, and bearing over with on the part of the scarce readers of my humble little blog – I’m sure I’ll make grammar and spelling mistakes in each and every post – but I will give it a serious try. So from now on: English.

And for those international readers who think of Norway as the land of polarbears and icebergs, let me enlighten you on this particular point: This picture was taken a couple of days ago; it’s my little son floating around in the fjord of Kragerø where the water holds at least 20 degree celsius. No, it’s not a direct consequence of global warming.


4 Responses to “Should I start writing my blogposts in English?”

  1. Gryda Says:

    Well, why not – you would become the new knitting ambassador of Norway. But I guess this means I have to post my comments in English as well? It would sure would be a good practice for me, my English is a bit rusty to put it mildly. Hopefully, I will still be allowed to speak to you in Norwegian…;-)

    Seriously, I think it is a good idea. If you are afraid of loosing your old blog friends, you could do like some of the other Norwegian-English bloggers do; write in both english and Norwegian.

  2. Thorvalda Says:

    Jeg har tenkt litt på det, og jeg vil jo nødig miste mine norske bloggvenner. Å skrive samme tekst både på norsk og engelsk kan bli litt mye jobb, synes jeg. Kanskje blir det til at jeg veksler litt, noen innlegg på norsk og noen på engelsk. Ellers synes jeg jo det er helt fint at man legger inn kommentarer på norsk, slik jeg gjør nå f.eks. Nå kan det jo selvsagt hende jeg aldri får noen kommentarer fra andre enn nordmenn, og da forsvinner kanskje poenget med å poste på engelsk.. Men strikkeoppskriftene skriver jeg nå på engelsk, skal snart få lagt de ut som pdf-filer – om jeg bare greier det tekniske..

  3. vonnie Says:

    Tak for blogging in English….very much appreciated by this “girl who wishes she could read/speak Norsk”!

  4. Pinneguri Says:

    For et utrolig godt bilde 😀

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