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July 28, 2008

A pleasant surprise in the mailbox on this extremely hot day! I ordered this yarn from Purl Soho about a week ago, and now it arrived. Quite fast, only a week it took! It’s Koigi Kersti Merino Crêpe, 100% merino, handpainted, semi-solid colour. I’ve never ordered yarn by mail before, it’s a bit risky – colour and texture is so important and impossible to get an accurate impression of by just looking at a picture. But I took the risk after having done some research on Ravelry, and I’m quite happy with it. I’ll confess one thing though; too many pictures of other people’s yarn on their blogs bore me. You keep scrolling a promising craftblog and all you see is piles and piles of close-ups of yarn in different colours, a lot of the time multicoloured. Not as much as a sock has been made.. Well, I’ll promise to make something out of these numerous skeins in the future – although my progression might not be as speedy as it used to, once my baby girl decides to pop out. She hasn’t yet, but it will be any time now. Meanwhile I knit.

I plan to knit another cardigan for myself, but I haven’t yet decided on the pattern. I was so happy with the Coraline cardigan (see post below) that I seriously consider making another right away, as I have the pattern fresh in mind. Swatch has been made, and the yarn seems very right for the pattern.
Initially I had a plan to knit Bridie, a pattern by Anna Bell (see her blog MyFashionabaleLife), but I don’t feel the colour is totally right for it after all.. You see the picture of it on the left here.. One day I’ll find a suitable yarn for the Bridie cardigan, I have to knit it one day. I completly fell in love with it and bought the book KnitKnit by Sabrina Gschwandter for the sole reason that it’s the only place the pattern is available (to my knowledge, at least). The book is fun enough, it’s very much a coffee table book, nice to leaf through but not very many feasible projects. The Bridie pattern is absolutly the best, in my opinion. Is it ok to publish other people’s pictures on your blog like I do here? The picture is public on Flickr, but still? Well, my intentions are good, publicity for Anna Bell and her beautiful patterns is something I don’t mind doing at all:)


Something for myself

July 22, 2008

Summer is getting hotter, my hands, feet and face are swollen, my belly is huge and I feel like a whale on shore. Pregnant, soo pregnant now! And I’m still knitting, hands a bit stiff, the alpaca yarn sticky in my sweaty hands. But finally I finished my Coraline cardigan (see pattern on Ysolda’s blog), and this one’s for me! And what a beauty it is! Nice details like buttonloops sewn witn embroidery yarn, a folded hemline, i-cord on sleevecuffs and along the opening. This cardigan is bound to my favorite, I’m already thinking about knitting another one in a different colour and yarn. This one is knitted in Sandes Alpakka. Well, first thing on my mind these days is what lays ahead of me.. giving birth to my little baby girl. One of these days, very soon now. It will happen.

Number 9

July 16, 2008

It’s adding up to nine. Nine sweaters, or cardigans, for the baby girl not yet born. The ninth isn’t finished yet though, you can see the beginning of it on the picture below. I knew I shouldn’t start another, but what can you do. It’s some sort of addiction, this cardie-knitting of mine. I’ve always loved cardigans, if I had to choose a favorite garment, it would be the cardigan. And what’s better to knit than a cardigan?

Number nine is my own pattern, but the stitch pattern is something I found in the Harmony Guides. I think it will be a classic cardigan, with raglan yoke and maybe a little round collar. The yarn is a blend of Alpaca and silk and feels a bit like cotton. At first I thought to continue the whole body in the stitch pattern you see on the lower part, but decided it would be a bit too much.

And this is number eight, just finished. I very much like these cardigans that you knit sideways. This pattern is a Drops pattern that can be downloaded for free.

Cute as it gets

July 10, 2008

My little boy and the old cat, last pictures taken before I left for town. Nothing beats kids and animals in cuteness, not even small knitted babysweaters. So, I’m back in town, alone for some days while my boys enjoy the last days of their summerholiday on the farm. It’s not so bad to be alone for some days, being alone will soon enough become something very exotic and rare. I have enough to keep me busy, getting the babythings ready, reading books about how to get babies sleep at night. And of course knitting. And hoping my little girl has patience enough to stay put until the boys return..

When she comes, this will be the first knitted sweater she will wear. If it fits. It’s really so small, I have my doubts. The yarn used is alpaca and silk, pattern is Sunbeam from Nettleknits. It’s available on the website I made some small modifications on the cuffs, adding a small garter stitch edge. I also added an i-cord hem.

This is for little Lucie, but she will have to grow considerably before this one fits.

And finally my mysterious top-down project from a previous post. It still lacks an arm, but it’s clear for all to see that it’s going to be a sweater. The sleeve caps are worked simultaneously with the back and the front, and it’s quite fascinating to see how the garment slowly takes its form as you knit.