Cute as it gets

July 10, 2008

My little boy and the old cat, last pictures taken before I left for town. Nothing beats kids and animals in cuteness, not even small knitted babysweaters. So, I’m back in town, alone for some days while my boys enjoy the last days of their summerholiday on the farm. It’s not so bad to be alone for some days, being alone will soon enough become something very exotic and rare. I have enough to keep me busy, getting the babythings ready, reading books about how to get babies sleep at night. And of course knitting. And hoping my little girl has patience enough to stay put until the boys return..

When she comes, this will be the first knitted sweater she will wear. If it fits. It’s really so small, I have my doubts. The yarn used is alpaca and silk, pattern is Sunbeam from Nettleknits. It’s available on the website I made some small modifications on the cuffs, adding a small garter stitch edge. I also added an i-cord hem.

This is for little Lucie, but she will have to grow considerably before this one fits.

And finally my mysterious top-down project from a previous post. It still lacks an arm, but it’s clear for all to see that it’s going to be a sweater. The sleeve caps are worked simultaneously with the back and the front, and it’s quite fascinating to see how the garment slowly takes its form as you knit.


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