Something for myself

July 22, 2008

Summer is getting hotter, my hands, feet and face are swollen, my belly is huge and I feel like a whale on shore. Pregnant, soo pregnant now! And I’m still knitting, hands a bit stiff, the alpaca yarn sticky in my sweaty hands. But finally I finished my Coraline cardigan (see pattern on Ysolda’s blog), and this one’s for me! And what a beauty it is! Nice details like buttonloops sewn witn embroidery yarn, a folded hemline, i-cord on sleevecuffs and along the opening. This cardigan is bound to my favorite, I’m already thinking about knitting another one in a different colour and yarn. This one is knitted in Sandes Alpakka. Well, first thing on my mind these days is what lays ahead of me.. giving birth to my little baby girl. One of these days, very soon now. It will happen.


5 Responses to “Something for myself”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I love this! And the buttons are just perfect.

  2. Tora Says:

    Well, you’re sure knitting fast these days! And I’m glad you finally managed to make something for yourself, because after the baby’s born, it will probably be most baby, not so much time for you..

    Good luck with it all!

  3. siggen Says:

    Lovely cardigan, are you satisfied with your choice of yarn?
    Good luck with the baby!

  4. Thorvalda Says:

    thanks Siggen! Choice of yarn, hm.. quite satisified, as the result turned out good. But I prefer Mirasol to Sandnes when it coms to alpacca, the reason why I chose Sandes had to do with gauge.

  5. Frk.Badegakk Says:

    Vakkert!!! Du har fått hyggeligheter i bloggen min=)

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