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Anna is here!

September 30, 2008

..and I’m still here too, thanks to excellent medical care and a huge amount of good old luck! At first I had really bad luck, as I happened to be among those 1 out of 60 000 women who risk bleeding to death after childbirth. But to my big luck I was at a very good hospital and got the right medical care, so here I am! Mother of two beautiful children, slowly growing stronger and healthier after over a month in hospital, out of which one week was spent in coma. Birth was a piece of cake, I must say… well, at least in hindsight. No drugs, all natural, hard work and concentration. Big and healthy babygirl! Named after her great grandmother Anna.

So there’s the reason why my modest little blog has been quiet for so long, and why I haven’t responded to questions on Ravelry about the Honeypie babysweater. I have been knitting though, but no pictures are taken yet. Knitting has been such a comfort to me when feeling so weak and confused with all this life and death drama with myself as the main star. I’m on my second scarf now, I find knitting a scarf is quite manageable and the season for scarves in Norway is sneaking up. According to the Sartorialist, whose blog I enjoy more than any fashion magazine, you can never go wrong with a nice scarf draped around your neck, it’s absolutly the right thing to wear. So I knit scarves, so simple and so fashionable. Knitting for Anna is put on hold for a while, she’s got more knitted sweaters than I can count.