A scarf and a hat

December 19, 2008

I finished this scarf a while ago and have used it quite a bit already. It was fun to knit, although I really had to concentrate to get into this really very simple pattern. It’s just ssk, K2tog and YO and little bit of counting all the way, but sheer counting was a challenge to me not so long ago..
The pattern is Lace Ribbon scarf. I used Dale Falk yarn, which felt quite crisp and hard, but after soaking for 20 min and tumbling it dry, the scarf actually got very soft.

And Anna got her winter hat, tried it on for the first time today. The pattern is from Nøstebarn but with some modifications. I’ve knitted quite a few of these, but always in garter stitch or K2, P2. This time I wanted a more colorful version of it, and chose this starpattern. It’s actually from a booklet I have on Selbu mittens. I think I might got a little inspired by Arne & Carlos, the Norwegian designers. I think it’s quite cool that they live in an abandoned train station in the middle of nowhere, and sit there developing their designs based on old Norwegian knitwear, and that they are so respected and sought after in the international fashion world. Must admit I don’t dig all their stuff intensely, but I love the idea of it..


7 Responses to “A scarf and a hat”

  1. Merete Says:

    Kjempelekkert med de stjernene på! De gav en god glød til lua. Jeg har strikket den i perlestrikk, god passform.

  2. Eliza Says:

    I love it the hat!! And your baby is of course, adorable. Any idea if the pattern is available in English?

  3. Haust Says:

    Så fiiin! Hua vart heilt spesiell med stjerner på! 🙂

    Ynskjer deg ei god jul!

  4. Thorvalda Says:

    Hello Eliza,
    I don’t think the pattern is available in English, sorry to say..

  5. Pene Lene Says:

    Så fint skjerf og en herlig lue. Anna er bare helt nydelig – ligner på deg, også 🙂

    Godt nytt år til alle fire!!

  6. nunnun Says:

    Så fin lua ble, en kjempeide. Godt nyttår!

  7. life in yonder Says:

    For ei nydelig lue og en herlig unge!

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