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I have moved my stuff!

February 24, 2009

I have a new blog! Go see me at

Shooting away

February 17, 2009


Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I keep seeing a potential motif in all that surrounds me.

first print

February 16, 2009

Piece of paper, watercolours, potato and potatopeeler. That’s what you need to start printing. You might want to invest in more specialized gear after a little while, though, if you get your print going.


February 14, 2009

Tora has given me “The Marie Antoinette A real Person, A real Award”, thank you Tora! I pass 

the award along to these bloggers, some of whom I know in person, some whose blogs I visit often but do not know in person, and some whose blogs I have just recently discovered but would like to keep an eye on: gryda, penelenepinneguri, slipped stitch, needled, siepsfabriek and paintedfishstudio. 
I am not totally sure of the rules, as I have been a bit sloppy with the awards in blogland, but I think you are supposed to pass the award on to seven bloggers you think deserve, well, an award.
(No matter what I do, I can’t get the picture of the Marie Antoinette award to show on my blog. You’ll have to go to Tora’s blog to see the picture, and I can assure the trip is worthwhile) 

Knust kunst*), or a small catastrophe

February 12, 2009

*) Knust = Broken, Kunst = Art
Well, well. Look at this. The crafty blogger at work. Trying to bake bread while uploading photos from this weekend’s craftystuffgalleryvisitingthrift. And vintage Egersund terracotta (inherited from husband’s grandmother) tray slips out of fingers, falls down to stone kitchen floor and breaks (full of dough) in too many pieces for putting back together. 
Is this a message? Blogger is unable to do something worthwhile, as baking bread for the household. Bread. The most basic of foods. If there is a direct causal link between the artycraftystuff and this lack of ability to bake bread, well.. maybe not, but there is certainly a question of attention and priority. Bread is a necessity, craftyarty stuff may not be. Distribution of attention and priority. Well, well. You could always say that bread can be bought in the supermarket, and if you insist on baking your own bread, why not get one of those big foodprocessors. I hope my husband won’t kill me now..*)
These are the photos I was uploading while this small catastrophe took place. I’m too shaken to comment on what you se at the moment, but update will follow as soon as I settle down: 

Well, time has passed and the impact of the above mentioned accident has faded. Who knows, maybe the tray can be glued back to it’s original shape. And enough of the dough was saved to make to loaves of bread. I’m putting the incident behind me now..
The above is a picture of a textile print I bought on Sunday at Kunstindustrimuseet where I saw this exhibition .
The exhibition shows different craft items produced by the PLUS group of artisans, and the print is made by Kari Fronth, one of the members of this group. The print shows the old town of Fredrikstad, where the PLUS group had their workshops. 
I also got this, a candleholder it is actually. I love the shape of it, organic, round, smooth. Made by an artist called Kjersti Johanessen
And these two… he, he, well. They are made by myself and my four year old son. We joined a workshop at the museum for kids and parents to learn how to do textile print. So when we got home we had to try some ourselves. I cut a potato in half, carved a pattern in it and sponged it full with ordinary watercolor. On paper. I also tried with an apple (you see the bigger turquoise circles on picture above), but the paint wouldn’t stick very well, the apple was to moist. 
Now I’m all eager to try real textile print stuff, so I’ve shopped for proper paint and things to do it with. I doubt I will find much time to bake bread in the near future.. 
*) take it easy, this was just a joke. He will be upset, but he will spare my life.

Nicest little present

February 5, 2009

This supercute little dress I got from Gryda in Fintfôr. It is so well made, as you can see, and it has such a practical fit. Apron dress. Don’t know if that’s the right word in English (yes, I’m giving that language another go as blog-language. It feels okay, as English is, well, my second language and also because it’s the craft-language I mostly use. My craft-books are all in English, as well as the patterns I read. Plus Ravelry. And in addition to that, I hope some of you international readers of my blog will visit me once in a while.) The fabric is vintage stuff, I believe.

Well, I will recommend you all to visit the Fintfôr shop. You’ll find beautiful handsewn items for kids. I’m not sure if you ship overseas yet, Gryda, but you might have to, after this commercial campaign:)