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knittingpatterns for FREE

March 31, 2009

Honeypie babysweater, originally uploaded by Thorvalda.

Now you can download my knittingpatterns for FREEEEE from my blog!
See the headline “My pages” on the left? OK. See the title ” my FREE knittingpatterns”? Good. That’s where they will be hidden.

You have to follow the link a couple of clicks before you reach the pdf-file.

I will update this page with my other free patterns, just have to fetch them from Ravelry. Again, see to your left. Down a little, maybe. Click on “I’m on Ravelry”. If you’re on Ravelry too, you can download from there. If your not on Ravelry, and like to knit or crochet – I strongly recommend you to enter.



March 30, 2009

print, originally uploaded by Thorvalda.

A tablecloth? A pillowcase? I don’t know what to do with this fabric I just printed. I’m pleased with the colors, but I think it will be a bit too much as a table cloth. maybe I’ll make a pillowcase out of it.

(hm, what’s wrong with size of this picture? I uploaded it from Flickr, what did I do wrong?)

See other prints on my flickr homepage:

I’ve changed the look of my site for the ?th time. I settle for the time being for a very minimalistic look. Why do I bother? I don’t know. I wish I knew how to make a website from scratch, so I could get it precisely how I want it.

Being productive

March 18, 2009

I’m all into stencil printing these days. It’s so easy, and so fun! And it makes one feel so productive, because it’s fast, so very much faster than knitting. I have attacked my stack of fabric, and printed away. Mostly flowery patterns, that I have cut out of stencil plastic with a stencil knife.

These are my colors..

These are not really my colors, but this is nevertheless a finished item. A little reversible table cloth. I’m not a very good seamstress. I blame my cheap machine, but maybe it’s unfair.

Sewing brings out the perfectionist in me, even though the result is far from perfect. Corners. They are such a challenge, I find. I keep humming that stupid 80’s hit by Huey Lewis (?), It’s hip to be square, while I crouch nervously over my sewing machine, trying to get those seams straight.

And I have chosen a rather unconventional (as far as I know) method: I sew the two pieces of fabric together wrong side against wrong side, folding the fabric underneath and ironing. Normal procedure would be to sew them together right side against right side, sew three sides together, leaving one side open, wringde it and sew a nice little seam around all four sides.

This is, as you see, the same motif but on a different fabric. These are those things you put under your plate. I have made four of them, reversible too, with a different print on either side.

This is my favorite print so far, I like the colors and I like the flower. I drew it from a Flora book, the flower is called “Reinfann” in Norwegian and has mustard-colored flowers. Here I made several repeats on a rather big piece of fabric. I toy with the idea of making a wrap-around skirt for summer. Anyone know of a good pattern for a skirt?

(See my Flickr site for more pictures, if you like)

Milk, anyone?

March 17, 2009


Milk? Me? I don’t take milk anymore!


I’ve moved on from that babystuff.

She actually won’t take milk anymore. Seven months, and refuses to have anything to do with the white stuff that comes in a bottle (not in a breast, due to circumstances when she was born).

What to do? Well, she gets formula milk camouflaged as banana milkshake, for one thing. In a cup, that has to be carefully tilted towards her little mouth, her chin has to be supported with a napkin in order to prevent dripping all over. So bottle was easier, and by far less time-consuming. But I respect her for being headstrong and eager to move on. Porridge, fruits and vegetables are now an important part of her diet. I read about food and seven months, and it’s all about problems introducing solids. Well, not in this case.

(Did you notice the bib? It’s made by Gry at Fintfôr)

Home alone printing

March 2, 2009

My baby daughter and I have been home alone this weekend. So during her naps I have been productive; the print has been running at a fabulous speed! This is what I’ve made so far, and ideas are just crowding in my poor little brain. Printing is so different from knitting! Knitting is quiet, meditative, sensual almost – while printing is such a rush! At least after all the preps are done. My method is simple and amateurish, but it works pretty ok. Here some pictures:


I used a plastic sheet, stencil plastic (?) to cut out the motif. Mixed some textile colours I got from a hobby supply store, and dipped the foam roller in the paint and off I rolled. I found it worked best with just a small amount of paint, almost dry roller. It was great fun, and a thrill to peel off the plastic to see how the print turned out.





The little girl has behaved very well in the absence of her big four year old brother. Patient and good-humored. But her table manners.., hi, hi..


I didn’t do much out of the cooking… had me some anemic looking fish’n macaroni.


no big job doing the dishes after dinner either


but on Sunday I had a delicious dinner at Gry’s place. Real fish, cod (skrei), and great company, so no need to feel sorry for me at all.

But what happened here?