Home alone printing

March 2, 2009

My baby daughter and I have been home alone this weekend. So during her naps I have been productive; the print has been running at a fabulous speed! This is what I’ve made so far, and ideas are just crowding in my poor little brain. Printing is so different from knitting! Knitting is quiet, meditative, sensual almost – while printing is such a rush! At least after all the preps are done. My method is simple and amateurish, but it works pretty ok. Here some pictures:


I used a plastic sheet, stencil plastic (?) to cut out the motif. Mixed some textile colours I got from a hobby supply store, and dipped the foam roller in the paint and off I rolled. I found it worked best with just a small amount of paint, almost dry roller. It was great fun, and a thrill to peel off the plastic to see how the print turned out.





The little girl has behaved very well in the absence of her big four year old brother. Patient and good-humored. But her table manners.., hi, hi..


I didn’t do much out of the cooking… had me some anemic looking fish’n macaroni.


no big job doing the dishes after dinner either


but on Sunday I had a delicious dinner at Gry’s place. Real fish, cod (skrei), and great company, so no need to feel sorry for me at all.

But what happened here?


7 Responses to “Home alone printing”

  1. Gry Says:

    Lovely prints! It was so nice having you and the little one over yesterday. If it is of any comfort, I can tell that Erik actually made a not-so-good dinner today (believe it or not!). I would much prefer your anemic fish. So we´re in for an evening snack with bread and jam…

    But what happened with the vase and the water?

  2. Eliza Says:

    what fun! I love the prints! what do you think you’ll do with them?

    and your daughter is beautiful! what an amazing expression!

  3. thorvalda Says:

    Hello Eliza!
    I will use the prints for table cloths, pillowcases, dishcloths. the thing you put under a plate. etc., they make nice little gifts, I think. The printed fabric can be washed on 60 degrees (celcius), so it’s quite practical.

  4. PeneLene Says:

    Nydelige trykk!
    Hvordan får du det hele til? Du har designergenet – det er helt sikkert!

  5. PeneLene Says:

    Glemte å si hvor nydelig hun er!

  6. PeneLene Says:

    Også ble jeg litt pinlig berørt over at det kan se ut som om jeg ikke har flere adjektiv enn nydelig i vokabularet mitt. Jeg har det, altså 🙂 Hun er skjønn!!

  7. MUSTAFA Says:

    very nice prints! i think the vase and the tap are trying to tell you they want to become espresso equipment in a coffee shop instead of spending their time in you kitchen, look how they succeeded in making a nice foam – it would be great on any capuccino.

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