Milk, anyone?

March 17, 2009


Milk? Me? I don’t take milk anymore!


I’ve moved on from that babystuff.

She actually won’t take milk anymore. Seven months, and refuses to have anything to do with the white stuff that comes in a bottle (not in a breast, due to circumstances when she was born).

What to do? Well, she gets formula milk camouflaged as banana milkshake, for one thing. In a cup, that has to be carefully tilted towards her little mouth, her chin has to be supported with a napkin in order to prevent dripping all over. So bottle was easier, and by far less time-consuming. But I respect her for being headstrong and eager to move on. Porridge, fruits and vegetables are now an important part of her diet. I read about food and seven months, and it’s all about problems introducing solids. Well, not in this case.

(Did you notice the bib? It’s made by Gry at Fintfôr)


One Response to “Milk, anyone?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    She’s too cute!

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