Being productive

March 18, 2009

I’m all into stencil printing these days. It’s so easy, and so fun! And it makes one feel so productive, because it’s fast, so very much faster than knitting. I have attacked my stack of fabric, and printed away. Mostly flowery patterns, that I have cut out of stencil plastic with a stencil knife.

These are my colors..

These are not really my colors, but this is nevertheless a finished item. A little reversible table cloth. I’m not a very good seamstress. I blame my cheap machine, but maybe it’s unfair.

Sewing brings out the perfectionist in me, even though the result is far from perfect. Corners. They are such a challenge, I find. I keep humming that stupid 80’s hit by Huey Lewis (?), It’s hip to be square, while I crouch nervously over my sewing machine, trying to get those seams straight.

And I have chosen a rather unconventional (as far as I know) method: I sew the two pieces of fabric together wrong side against wrong side, folding the fabric underneath and ironing. Normal procedure would be to sew them together right side against right side, sew three sides together, leaving one side open, wringde it and sew a nice little seam around all four sides.

This is, as you see, the same motif but on a different fabric. These are those things you put under your plate. I have made four of them, reversible too, with a different print on either side.

This is my favorite print so far, I like the colors and I like the flower. I drew it from a Flora book, the flower is called “Reinfann” in Norwegian and has mustard-colored flowers. Here I made several repeats on a rather big piece of fabric. I toy with the idea of making a wrap-around skirt for summer. Anyone know of a good pattern for a skirt?

(See my Flickr site for more pictures, if you like)


7 Responses to “Being productive”

  1. Guro Says:

    Nydelige trykk! Virkelig inspirerende.
    Har nominert deg til en award på bloggen min.

  2. Thalia Says:

    I love them! How did you do this? Did you cut stencils out of plastic, paper, something else?

    What a brilliant idea. They are so cheery, too.

  3. mille Says:

    Oy, så gøy!! Jeg har lenge hatt planer om det samme, men innbilt meg at jeg må bli så avansert som silketrykk…! Men dette er jo strålende enkelt! Veldig fine mønstre du har laget 🙂

  4. judy Says:

    Hey Åse, so that´s what you have been up to at home! ;o) Good going, smart to make these undermats double sided, very pretty…

  5. Siena Says:

    Da ligger det skryt til deg i min blogg også…

  6. kamelia Says:

    Det var kjempefint!!!! Så morsomt!
    Ha en fin dag.

  7. miho sakato Says:

    beauriful photos!

    i love these fabrics.

    thank you

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