small is big

April 7, 2009


A couple of years ago, or maybe less, I bought this bag on It was of course handmade, and very well made too. The seller was, I gathered, one who made these bags beside her regular job, more as a hobby thing. And just recently I read her story where she tells about how her bag-making business has developed. I find it most inspiring to read that it’s possible to create your own job out of doing what you like the most. I admit I dream about that myself sometimes.

It has been a most practical bag. Besides looking stylish and cool, it has lots of pockets. It can be stuffed full of things, and still look good – or it can be almost empty and look good too. I have used it for transporting my knitting gear when our little family goes on trips. And when a family with kids are about to leave the house, lock the door and rush to the car, there is always something that someone almost forgot. A banana in case of hunger in the car. A pacifier or a toothbrush. And there is always space left in this bag, a pocket ready to lend room for some almost forgotten, but very important item. It can also be used for groceries or bathing gear. I strongly recommend it: The Market bag.

One Response to “small is big”

  1. Penelene Says:

    For en veske!
    Går det bra med dere? Litt dødt på bloggfronten her på Sørlandet for tiden. Hus og jobb krever jammen sitt for tiden. Men nå er det vår i luften og dagene blir lengre – herlig tid!

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