April 16, 2009

handprinted scarf


chunks of wool hanging in the window


another handprinted scarf


easter egg by my son


chunks of wool again


another little yarnlover

Spring is finally here! I spent my easter holiday alone with my little babygirl. The boys went to the mountains for skiing, but I was not in form for going anywhere. I’ve had this cold, or infection, or whatever it is for over three weeks now. Sore sinuses, headache. It doesn’t go away. Frustrating. On antibiotics, but doesn’t seem to help. Which means I can do nothing but wait it out. But it’s springtime! And even though I stay indoors mostly, it’s so nice with longer days, more light, spring flowers in the garden and this thin green hint of leaves budding on trees and bushes.

I’m still doing my printing. I’ve sewn up a few pillows out of some of the fabric I’ve printed on, pictures on Flickr. And the scarves that I’ve made a few of. I’m thinking of taking my stuff to this market, Søndagsmarked på Blå, maybe share a stand with Gry at Fintfôr. Pretend to be an artist/ artisan, what fun! 

5 Responses to “Spring!”

  1. Eliza Says:

    you ARE an artist/artisan! No pretending!

    Your daughter is a cherub. Truly adorable. Her bib is also beautiful. Did you make it?

    I hope you feel better!

  2. thorvalda Says:

    Thanks Eliza! Yes, I made the bib – a pattern I found on Ravelry. I can get you the name, if you’re interested. it’s a quick and easy project. And thanks, I’m beginning to feel better, finally. Think the antibiotics finally kicked in.

  3. Penelene Says:

    Kan jeg få kjøpt et skjerf?

  4. Frk.Badegakk Says:

    Nydelig smekke, og fantastisk nydelig barn!!! Herlighet! *smelte*

  5. Anne Sofie Says:

    For en nydelig blogg! Og vidunderlig bile av veslejenta.

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