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October 26, 2009


I’m preparing to move my blog back to blogspot again. My adress will be: Oh my, am I a restless soul..
I hope you will bear with me, and come along. I promise to be interesting and nice, I promise to take good pictures and I promise to publish the pattern of the yellow cardigan too. Soon. As soon as I can. And I will tell you all about the super-interesting course on silk-screen printing I’m taking this coming weekend – I have been looking forward to that course for a long time.


Finished product

October 17, 2009

The Side Tied Sweater (couldn’t come up with a better name yet) is finished. I have worn it a lot already, at work too. I’m quite happy with it. I felted it very carefully, on 30 degrees (celsius) and with a tiny bit of pine-sol (grønnsåpe). As expected it shrunk, but not very much, and the texture changed of course – which was my intention. Pattern instructions are nearly finished.