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June 6, 2009

We are just back from a week on the Croatian island of Hvar. Stayed in a little town called Jelsa. As usual I took loads of pictures, most of them of flowers and stones. But some of the family too, of course. And the usual pictures of the port, the beach and the sea. Food was ok (fish and pizza), weather a little less than ok (hard rain half of the time), but from an esthetic point of view the trip was quite amazing. So many beautiful flowers and plants, colors and shapes! The little town of Jelsa was very pretty too.

I picked a lot of dried out plants that I photographed close-up. This is of a poppy. I really like the pattern on it. Inspiring indeed. I never knew the poppy had these stripes on them, it makes such a stark pattern. Again the colors (or lack of colors) are beautiful, I think.

I was intrigued with this pattern I found on the many steps that led down to the port. The cement is worn down, revealing a sort of grid pattern. The various fungus/ mushrooms form a organic, soft pattern. I like the colors too, and the contrast between the cement grid and the fungus. Reminds me of some Japanese prints, it became very clear when I included the twig with the leaves. The difference in color is due to the light when the picture was taken.


By the sea

May 26, 2009


We spent some days by the sea, at our place on the coast. Beautiful weather, and I had my first bath this year. Cold, of course. I took an enormous amount of pictures, I’ll publish them on Flickr. So much inspiration for my printing. Plants, flowers, the pattern on the rocks. I I bought a very good book on printing, June Fish, Designing and Printing Textiles. I certainly have a lot to learn.


April 29, 2009


from heidi merrick

from heidi merrick

Ah.. what beauty in a dress. Especially the red and grey one. The designer is heidi merrick. I’m eager to try and sew a dress of my own design. It would have to be rather simple, not too many elaborate details. I could take a simple pattern as a starting point, and maybe use some of my handprinted fabric.

handprinted fabric

I’m thinking of this for the skirt part, and maybe some matching solid fabric, probably red, for the top. What do you think?

small is big

April 7, 2009


A couple of years ago, or maybe less, I bought this bag on It was of course handmade, and very well made too. The seller was, I gathered, one who made these bags beside her regular job, more as a hobby thing. And just recently I read her story where she tells about how her bag-making business has developed. I find it most inspiring to read that it’s possible to create your own job out of doing what you like the most. I admit I dream about that myself sometimes.

It has been a most practical bag. Besides looking stylish and cool, it has lots of pockets. It can be stuffed full of things, and still look good – or it can be almost empty and look good too. I have used it for transporting my knitting gear when our little family goes on trips. And when a family with kids are about to leave the house, lock the door and rush to the car, there is always something that someone almost forgot. A banana in case of hunger in the car. A pacifier or a toothbrush. And there is always space left in this bag, a pocket ready to lend room for some almost forgotten, but very important item. It can also be used for groceries or bathing gear. I strongly recommend it: The Market bag.


April 5, 2009


This picture comes from paintedfish’s blog. I think it’s such a good picture, and impressing that something so beautiful as these bowl can be made out of paper. So many things to make! And here you find a tutorial for making papermachĂ© things.

And why not make your own lamp? By first sight, this looks quite expensive and maybe..Italian? But no, no this is made of egg-carton. The tutorial is quite comprehensive, though, I haven’t read it through yet. But check it out: Tutorial for making egg-carton pendant lamp.


This fabric pattern I found on Flickr. I don’t know the designer’s name, or the fabric company. But it has a distinct japanese feel, I think. The colors are great, the turquoise background, the mustard yellow, bright red and white. Bright, but still subtle. Lots of movement, but still harmonious.