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By the sea

May 26, 2009


We spent some days by the sea, at our place on the coast. Beautiful weather, and I had my first bath this year. Cold, of course. I took an enormous amount of pictures, I’ll publish them on Flickr. So much inspiration for my printing. Plants, flowers, the pattern on the rocks. I I bought a very good book on printing, June Fish, Designing and Printing Textiles. I certainly have a lot to learn.



March 30, 2009

print, originally uploaded by Thorvalda.

A tablecloth? A pillowcase? I don’t know what to do with this fabric I just printed. I’m pleased with the colors, but I think it will be a bit too much as a table cloth. maybe I’ll make a pillowcase out of it.

(hm, what’s wrong with size of this picture? I uploaded it from Flickr, what did I do wrong?)

See other prints on my flickr homepage:

I’ve changed the look of my site for the ?th time. I settle for the time being for a very minimalistic look. Why do I bother? I don’t know. I wish I knew how to make a website from scratch, so I could get it precisely how I want it.