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I don’t want to seem pretentious, but I sometimes like to read in between knitting, printing, being a mother, wife (although not legally married), a senior adviser in state public office.. (this is not in a prioritized order:). I don’t like to waste my reading time on light-weight entertainment, as you can see from my list, and I do have a penchant towards stuff that is a bit too difficult for my poor little head. But I have read Der Zauberberg by Thomas Mann in German, and I did enjoy it tremendously. I tried to read Mein Jahr in der Niemandsbucht by Peter Handke in German too, but I had to give in. Die Linkshändige Frau (The lefthanded woman) on the other hand, is a lot easier, and I strongly recommend it. It’s a beautiful book. The short pieces by Franz Kafka are also dear to my heart, as they say in the Mid-West (I spent half a year in Dunlap, Ilinois when I was 16).


This list is to remind myself of books I want to read, or at least check out

Henri Lefebvres: Critique of Everyday Life
William E. Scheuerman, Hartmut Rosa: High-Speed Society: Social Acceleration, Power and Modernity
Miranda July: No one belongs here more than you (stories)


One Response to “To read list”

  1. chouchouette Says:


    chapeau. Reading Der Zauberberg is difficult enough for German native speakers, but to read it in a foreign language… this is great. May I recommend Stefan Zweig’s “Die Welt von Gestern” for your ‘to read list’? If you liked the Zauberberg, you will love Stefan Zweig.
    best wishes

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